Today was my first time with Cleaning Gutters Company, and they were fantastic. The cleaner left everything spotless, attending to every little corner. Thank you!    
Brendon Dinh19/07/2024

       Great work by the team on my carpet. Though I've cleaned it for years, it now looks brand new. I'll certainly recommend their services. Thank you!    
Katharine I.09/07/2024

       Great cleaner provided, and the whole process was very straightforward and painless.    
Jimmy W.20/06/2024

       Awesome and consistent service. Simple to arrange and our cleaner has been great!    
S. Ince10/06/2024

        London Cleaning Company offers remarkable cleaning services at very reasonable prices.    
B. Cadogan31/05/2024

       I highly recommend this agency to those seeking top-quality service like no other.    
Melissa Holt17/05/2024

       Fantastic living space purging.The cleaning company provided timely updates on our scheduled meeting time and location with the cleaner before they initiated their duties.    
R. Marks16/04/2024

       Today's deep cleaning service on my flat by this company was beyond exceptional. Cannot thank them enough for their fantastic work.    
Lola S.30/03/2024

       Returning home yesterday to a sparkling clean house was such a delight - kudos to you for doing an impressive job.    
Adam O.20/03/2024

       The professionalism displayed by Cleaning Services's cleaner was impressive.    
Sally Jennings01/03/2024

       I highly recommend this efficient, friendly, and hard-working cleaning team for all your needs - their results speak for themselves.    
Mollie R.14/02/2024

       What an amazing job by this top-notch company delivering speedy, effective cleaning services at competitive prices.    
Tina A.04/02/2024

       The customer service displayed throughout the entire experience was excellent, making it a pleasure to deal with for both the end of tenancy clean and carpet cleaning.    
Olive Curtis25/01/2024

       Respectful of time, poise and proficient in their work. Presented themselves as affable and likable individuals.Exhibited active listening techniques to help us recognize our needs.    
George King15/01/2024

       Without a doubt, Cleaning Services are amongst some of the best professional cleaners you can find - having experienced their services personally a few times now has left me with no doubts about that fact.    

       No words can describe how grateful we are for the cleaners from London Cleaning Company who managed to clean everything up flawlessly. And if that wasn't enough they made sure not skip on any details. Our windows never looked better than now - could not be more pleased with these cleaners! Highly recommending!     

       Phenomenal service by Cleaning Gutters. I would recommend their service to everyone. I will definitely return!     

        Cleaning Companies offers a fast and very responsive carpet cleaning service. If you need a reliable and highly affordable carpet cleaning, you should consider hiring them. You will not regret it!     

       Fabulous service by Cleaning Companies. The cleaners were fast, on time and very efficient. I cannot fault anything! I will be back!     

       The house cleaners cleaned my house from top to bottom and left it spotless. It could not have been better! Thank you.     

       I was impressed with the thorough cleaning is done by these cleaners. Their carpet cleaning service is outstanding. I would recommend them to anyone living within this location.     

       This is a quick thank you note for the outstanding work done by your cleaners. My flat is now sparkling clean following your cleaning service. I would recommend Cleaning Services to friends and family.     

       Upholstery cleaning services was spot on. Just as I had requested, it was even better than I had imagined! I know where to go the next time I'll require their services.    

       We just built a house and needed a cleaning firm to get rid of the dust and debris. Cleaning Gutters quoted us a special offer, came out and got rid of the debris, did carpet cleaning and generally gave us a clean new house. I won't forget them!    
Jim Morris03/07/2019

       Best cleaning service ever!    

       I could've done with their home cleaning services many times before! Luckily, I've found CleaningGutters now so I no longer have to stress.    
Jason M.18/04/2019

       I hired London Cleaning Company for office cleaning. I needed them to work at an odd time and work quickly to ensure disruption to the business was kept to a minimum. They worked speedily and did a top job. I'm going to make hiring them a regular thing.    
Martin F.09/10/2018

       5 Star review for their top notch cleaning service. No stone left unturned, so to speak. Will recommend Cleaning Companies.    
Alishia McDonald17/08/2018

       My house was in a bad way, but CleaningGutters took care of it. I was amazed at the work their cleaners did, how they managed to get it so clean in such a short space of time.    
Paul L.27/02/2018

       Since I hired Cleaning Companies to help with my house cleaning I never get stressed about finding time to do cleaning and my home always looks amazing. Best decision I've ever made.    
Harley Connington22/01/2018

       I always look forward to the arrival of the cleaners from Cleaning Gutters Company as I never have to worry about them. I know they will just crack on and get the job done which is exactly what I need.    
Selina Dubrovsky13/12/2017

       I've never experienced end of tenancy cleaning like this before. The service was both high quality and speedy, and it all came at a very reasonable prices. London Cleaning Company did a great job and I hope to call on them again if I ever need a good, cheap cleaning service.    
Alison C.15/09/2017

       I hired professional cleaners from CleaningGutters and it ended up being a very cost-effective service. I'd certainly recommend this company to others.    
S. Dutton21/08/2017

       The level of quality Cleaning Gutters Company provides is amazing. I have sent all my friends and family their way for the excellent prices and the remarkable cleaning services.    
R. Roberts27/06/2017

       A really professional cleaning company that improved the appearance of my property. Cleaning Gutters offered me the most competitive prices locally.    
P. Cook01/06/2017

       Hate spending money on cleaning services. When I discussed the affordable price with Cleaning Companies I was beyond happy. Love their work.    
L. Smith25/04/2017

       Communication was easy, the cleaners were polite and the cleaning service was completed efficiently. Cleaning Services deliver great value services!    
Flora T.10/03/2017

       Used their window cleaning service a few days ago. Their service was cheap and the team were friendly and hard-working. Cleaning Gutters Company saved me some cash and effort!    
Megan L.09/02/2017

       Cleaning Gutters cleaned my office the other day and left me a happy customer. Highly recommend their commercial cleaning service!    
L. Thake16/01/2017

       Cleaning the floors is a time-consuming and laborious task. Not when you have Cleaning Gutters on the job! Their team are true professionals and can remove even the peskiest of stains.    

       I highly recommend Cleaning Companies. Highly professional and gentle on the furniture. They do a great job with furniture cleaning and at a great price.     
D. Ames28/10/2016

       Got an outstanding sofa cleaning service from Cleaning Services! They removed all stains and musky odours and brought back the colours of my sofa. Great job!    
Garry T.28/09/2016

       Very impressed with the work that the house cleaners from CleaningGutters did at my place. They were spectacular with everything. The domestic cleaning was done in no time at all and they really solidified themselves in my eyes as the best services in the area. Thank you!    

       Last month was our Golden wedding anniversary; we held the celebrations in our house. What I did not expect though was the enormous cleaning that was to follow. My husband was kind enough to suggest that I call up Cleaning Companies rather than struggle with the work alone. I am so pleased I listened to him; they were incredibly good and helped me clean up the house. My house is now back to square one, it looks good after the thorough deep cleaning. Happy to endorse this company, they deserve it!    
Mrs Thomas23/06/2016

       Me and my wife have three children, so we've always looked for more spacious houses. Living in a large home obviously has its benefits, but one of the main drawbacks is that there's so much more space to cover in your cleaning chores. Carpet Cleaning have been giving us some fantastic gutter cleaning jobs, and making our lives much easier by taking all that work off our hands. They do a better job than we've ever been able to manage, and their low prices and excellent customer service always makes hiring them a nice experience.    
Henry T.21/12/2015

       I've had a chronic back problem since I was a child, and as a result doing any kind of housework for long puts me in a lot of pain. I'd always liked the idea of having a professional gutter cleaner to take care of this part of the cleaning, but had no idea I could afford it until London Cleaning Company came along. Now that I'm hiring their services, I can relax knowing that everything with my gutters will be cleaned meticulously, and that I have all the time in the world to get on with the things that I really enjoy!    
Emma P.17/11/2015

       I work seven days a week and I never had time to clean up my gutter. London Cleaning Company have worked wonders for me, making sure my gutters are as clean and sanitary as possible, week in and week out. I've had nothing but great experiences with this company and will continue to use them!    
Freddie H.14/10/2015

       I'm very happy with the hard word and effort that my cleaner put into cleaning my gutters. Cleaning Companies gave me a good price and an excellent cleaner, who got me fantastic results and made my gutters look as good as new! Wonderful service and friendly staff too!    
Jim M.02/10/2015

       I never plan on doing a big gutter clean alone again. Why spend days and all of my energy to just make my gutters presentable when I can call Cleaning Gutters? They did all the work for me in less time, without me having to do a thing. They also got a better result that I could have hoped for alone. Seriously, I think I may just give up on gutter cleaning and let them take care of it from now on.    
Edna Cropper24/09/2015

       The gutter cleaners that I hired from Cleaning Gutters were truly amazing. They were quick yet thorough, friendly yet professional and the entire service was fantastic value for money. Top class job!    

       We were moving to a new house and wanted the gutters to be cleaned. They were a bit dirty. Since I did not have a budget at the moment for replacing the them I decided to get them cleaned professionally. On the recommendation of my neighbours I called in Cleaning Gutters to do the gutter cleaning. I must say that I am very impressed with results. Keep up the good work.    
S. Justin19/08/2015

       I have been using Cleaning Gutters for about a year or so now and they come every month or so to clean my gutters. They make an excellent job of my gutter cleaning because they have all of the right tools and equipment that we normal people cannot get our hands on in the high street. They perform really thorough and effective cleans and make my life so much easier. It is much easier for me to hire this company rather than attempt the task myself.    
Florence Edens07/08/2015

       Having clean gutters is of my top priorities so I hired Cleaning Services. I felt they were the only local firm who could provide expert gutter cleaning results and that's what I have decided to work with them. My gutters are always spotless because of them.    
Barbara Edwards31/07/2015

       I don't get the time to do my gutter cleaning because I have several jobs! It's nice to know that everything's being taken care of by the cleaners at Cleaning Services while I'm at work. Now I get to relax in the short amounts of free time I have. They are so cheap, too. I highly recommend them!    
Tammy Beauville 14/07/2015

       I was pleased with the gutter cleaning service I hired recently from a nearby cleaning company called CleaningGutters. I was so pleased that the cleaners were able to fit in a same-day service. All the soil and dirt from the gutters were soon removed! What a great service and a good cost as I thought I would have to go and buy new ones.    
Ernest Howard03/07/2015

       I am a very picky person. I like my things to stay in the same spot and be perfectly symmetrical; I like it when there is no dust and no dirt around. I live alone in a 3-bedroom house. It is a large area to clean and I cannot do everything because it is simply too difficult for me. My colleague suggested Cleaning Companies to me; they cleaned my gutters in no time, just a couple of cleaners. I like that. I will book their gutter cleaning services again.    

       Being a healthy lifestyle person, I am a mother and a fulltime employed worker, I love to spend time on myself, I love to spend it with my husband and child, I have to work regularly but that is all ok, because I don't have to worry about a big part of any woman's life, and that is cleaning. Scary word, so I call Cleaning Companies to come and do the gutter cleaning for me, so that I can go and do whatever I want in the spare time. There are so many things out there, why sit at home and do the scary gutter cleaning? I love the fact that I can just book cleaners from this company and forget all about it.    

       Me and my partner both work long hours and so we were looking for a gutter cleaning company to do a regular gutter clean for us. We were too tired to do it all at the weekends and it even caused a few arguments between us. I called a local gutter cleaning company called CleaningGutters and when I heard how cheap they were, I booked them straight away! What a great job they do too. Now we enjoy our weekends to the full.    
Janet Dickson10/06/2015

       I had gotten some gutters second hand for a reasonable price but the catch was that they were fairly dirty. Wanting them to look as good as new, I contacted Cleaning Gutters Company to help me. I had heard of them before and I was hoping they could deliver on their reputation. Their cleaners worked quickly, getting rid of every bit of dirt and every stain from the gutters until they looked great. I saved money and have great gutters, thanks to them.    
Merry P.26/05/2015

       I couldn't believe how much time I was spending each weekend cleaning my gutters. They would become dirty very quickly and cleaning gutters can be tough. Wanting some help, I called Cleaning Companies for assistance. They sent in cleaners to my address quickly and now they handle all of my gutter cleaning for me, providing a better result too.    
Paul F.15/05/2015

       I was initially skeptical about the quality of work that Cleaning Gutters would provide, because their rates were a lot cheaper than the ones of other competitors. I am glad I decided to give them a try; I am now a proud owner of spotlessly clean gutters! My husband and I have now decided to use their gutter cleaning services on a regular basis.    
Jill B.08/05/2015

       Professional and reliable is how I would describe the team of professional gutter cleaners from Cleaning Gutters. They are soft spoken and take into consideration any suggestions you make. Even our kids love these gutter cleaners who always work with a smile on their face. Amazing service!    
Jake Roberts02/05/2015

       I have been truly amazed by the professionalism of this gutter cleaning company. It is hard to find a good gutter cleaner around my area, and I gave Cleaning Services a try. They made sure that my gutters looked perfect after cleaning it. I could never clean it as efficiently as this company did. I will definitely order move out gutter cleaning from them, when the time comes.    
Ashley Keemly27/04/2015

       I am a doctor and Cleaning Services has saved my life! Before I found their gutter cleaners, I used to be so tired and I didn't know how to cope. When the cleaners came to mine, I was really nervous thinking that they would judge my place, however they were really kind! It didn't take them long and I am so thankful!    

       I have always had the motto of “why hire when you can do it yourself?”, so I avoided hiring any cleaning help and it is the biggest mistake that I made! I wish I had hired the gutter cleaners of Cleaning Gutters Company years back! They are professional and reliable!    

       Thank you to the whole team at Cleaning Gutters! I needed a cleaner for my gutters. From the customer service team I spoke to the actually gutter cleaning service, the company was so professional and attentive to my needs at all times. I was really impressed and I'll definitely be recommending this company to everyone I know!    
Bree T.24/03/2015

       If you need a reliable gutter cleaning service that provides professional and awesome team members for anyone, I would definitely recommend CleaningGutters. They say they can handle any gutter cleaning task and they really mean it. I know who I'll be calling next time I need my gutters cleaned.    
Tony H.15/03/2015

       I was really worried we wouldn't get everything cleaned in time before we moved out of the rental property. There was so much packing to do and my girlfriend and I were in way over our heads. Fortunately my parents recommend we hire a professional cleaner to do a deep gutter cleaning. Cleaning Gutters Company was the right choice to go with. They made the gutters spotless so we were able to secure our full security deposit bond back without any issues. Thanks so much, guys!    
Brandon S.04/03/2015

       I wanted a gutter cleaning service as the place was getting messy. I had used other companies before but the cleaners were unreliable. A friend suggested a new company that had moved to the area called Cleaning Companies. I was dubious at first thinking they would be the same as the rest. I booked a gutter cleaning service and I was impressed with the efficiency and competence of the cleaners and now use them three times a week. The cleaners are always on time and happy to change the routine if needed. The service is excellent and well worth the money.    
T. Summers24/02/2015

       Last week, I had hired CleaningGutters to go over to my mum's place and clean the gutters. She is seventy five now and has difficulty getting things done by herself. She just called to let me know that they did a wonderful job at her place. She is enjoying the clean gutters she has gotten back and can't wait to hire them on a regular basis! She also adds that they were extremely nice and polite to her, and that they were very thorough with the job. Thanks a lot!!    

       I was so happy with the gutter cleaning service I had. I didn't have a lot of spare cash so opted to try a professional company as I had heard how effective the gutter clean service was. I hired a local company called London Cleaning Company and they did a fantastic job. Nothing was too much the work was done at an affordable rate and the results were brilliant.    
Heidi Bennett04/02/2015

       I have just had a brilliant gutter cleaning service from Cleaning Services. The cleaners did a fantastic job on my gutters and they shine now. I was fed up of their work so decided to hire a professional company. My girlfriend suggested this company as she had also used them occasionally to spring clean the gutters. The work they did was great, they supplied the detergents and tools, they worked hard and the costs were reasonable too.    
Leigh Stevenson28/01/2015

       It's services like this which really stand out in your mind, so wanted to drop by and mention to others how much of a big difference CleaningGutters were able to make with our gutters. All of the effort they've put in and the time which they've saved us is hugely appreciated. Must say that I never expected the gutters to be this clean, but their expertise has been hugely appreciated throughout. More than happy to recommend them.    
M. Day07/01/2015

       We are a household with lots of pets; this means that cleaners will have to face with a lot of animal fur and animal stains. The gutter cleaning companies I had used previously were not so successful in treating these problems effectively but Cleaning Services deep cleaned my gutters perfectly and now they look as good as new. I would be happy to call them again when I am in need of gutter cleaners.    

       When I moved to London from New York, I thought I would never find a gutter cleaning service as good as my last one. But London Cleaning Company surprised me pleasantly with their skilled and professional approach and especially their punctuality and polite attitude. Since we had just moved, we had a little more cleaning work to be done than usual and they were happy to accommodate our requests. Above all, they were attentive to every tiny detail. I am so pleased with the job they did that I am definitely going to be calling them again.    

       We were returning to our home after having lived abroad for a time. The house was in serious need of a thorough clean but I didn't know where to start. I spoke on the telephone to CleaningGutters and they assured me that they could do our gutter cleaning to a high standard. They gave me a price which was surprisingly low and on the day of the work I couldn't believe the standard of work. The gutters now look amazing.    
Alan Saunders24/11/2014

       Our gutters were rather dirty, so we decided to call in professional gutter cleaners and CleaningGutters were terrific when it came to cleaning them all. They got up on a ladder and washed every gutter, and all of them were transparent by the time they had finished. I would recommend this gutter cleaning company to anybody else looking for good quality cleaning services - they are very thorough and reliable and came out very quickly to our home.    

       I have to admit I wasn't too sure about hiring a gutter cleaner but CleaningGutters are really quite excellent. And when I got talking to the chap I understood why, not only are they actually interested in the job, but they also take pride in it. I hope that the next time they send me someone they will also be as amiable as the gentleman who came to clean my gutters last week. He turned up bang on time, was enthusiastic about doing a good job and he certainly gets my recommendation, as well as the company in general!    
April Gibbs23/10/2014

       I needed to get my gutters cleaned and I had heard good things about CleaningGutters and their team of cleaning specialists. I called them in and got a brilliant quote. When they arrived it was obvious that they were real professionals with all the right kit and equipment. They did a really swift but incredibly thorough job and I was really pleased with the results. They left the gutters looking really good, did not take very long to do it and the cost was not too high so I am really impressed.    
Jeremy R.09/10/2014

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