Achieve Super Efficient Move Out Cleaning in Bermondsey 23 June 2015

The stresses of moving day are all too much for some people in Bermondsey. With so much to do and so such little time to do it in, preparing to relocate is never a pleasant experience. To top it off, when you’re in rented accommodation, you also have to worry about leaving your property in a reasonable condition, which means cleaning and sorting out damages and stains on your furniture etc., anything that may give your landlord an excuse to keep hold of your deposit. It may be tough to cram into your busy schedule, but house cleaning is still an important part of your move and one that should be given a lot of time and attention. If you’re at a loss of what to do or if you just need some advice to help kick start the process, read through these hints and tips and very soon you’ll have one less thing to worry about.

1.    Start well in advance of your final inspection.
Don’t leave home cleaning inBermondsey, SE16 until the last few days before your final inspection. Start the process well in advance of your move, so that you’ll have time to sort out, fix up or replace any damaged furniture or get a helping hand from some professional cleaners.

2.    Decide what the most important tasks are and get to these first.
When it comes to end of tenancy cleaning, you can’t do absolutely everything weeks before you move out. It’s not much use cleaning your kitchen or bathroom in SE1, as these rooms see a lot of traffic and are just going to get dirty again before the final inspection. Leave rooms like these until the week before your inspection, but other tasks, such as sofa cleaning and carpet cleaning, can be tackled sooner.

3.    Clean your carpets and rugs.
The quickest and easiest way to clean carpets is by giving them a vacuum clean. This method is not only quick, but it’s also effective, but before you get started, inspect your carpet thoroughly for any stains or marks. If you’ve only just noticed them, the stains are likely to be deep set within the fibres and so blotting won’t do any good. You’ll have to get yourself either a carpet shampoo or a powder to take care of the stains. Using a powder is most advisable, as you won’t have to spend hours waiting for the area to dry once finished. Baking soda is also a great little tool that can be sprinkled over your carpet to deodorise and make your carpet smell clean and fresh.

4.    Dust every inch of your house.
Dust has a funny habit of accumulating in hard to reach areas such as on top of cupboards, behind desks etc. Although these areas may be tough and awkward to clean, don’t turn a blind eye to them, because your landlord in Bermondsey will definitely pick up on it. You don’t want to give your landlord any excuse to withhold your deposit, so be meticulous in your approach to dusting and dust your entire house in E1 from top to bottom. An extendable duster can be used to get at those hard to reach areas, whereas a soft damp microfiber cloth is perfect for removing dust from walls and ceilings. Gently wipe down your walls and you’ll be amazed at the amount of dust that comes off. As you’re doing so, keep an eye out for any marks on your walls. Small marks can be taken care of using a magic marker, but if the mark is large and noticeable, you may have to go over it with a lick of paint. 

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