Handy Tricks for Removing Persistent Smells 25 September 2015

removing smells

If there is one thing that often surrounds cooking, it is the presence of various smells. Even if they don’t originate from the kitchen, unpleasant odours often make our homes feel unpleasant and uncomfortable. As a result, you are left with a frowned face and desperate need to ventilate the rooms.

Don’t let the funky odours of everyday life bring you down. There are various tools and solutions you can use to combat persistent smells. Consider the following situations and the solutions that have been proven to work well in them. Pinch your nose, dig around your cleaning supplies and deal with the issue as soon as possible:

- Tobacco and cigarette smoke - if you are a passionate smoker, you are probably already aware that this is one of the most persistent smells that can linger for long periods of time. Ash in the trays can be tricky cleanse properly, but adding a little wax goes a long way in preventing clingy smells. Applying some air freshener and polishing the tray dry after that is an effective way of minimising the smell.

cigarette smoke removal

- Pet accidents - if your pet has had an accident, you should get to it as soon as possible. There is not only threat of unpleasant smells, but also severe stains if you leave pet urine on the carpet for too long. Effective cleaning is your best bet in such situations. For eliminating the smell, you can use baking soda, which makes a great odour absorbing product. Sprinkle it on the spot and leave it overnight. Vacuum after that and you will be safe.

removing pet smells

- Strong fish smells - fish makes a wonderful meal, but cooking it often times leaves a lingering smell in your kitchen, which can be unpleasant. To prevent that, you can use white vinegar. This product is not only useful in various home cleaning tasks, but also for dealing with odours. Pour some in a bowl and place it on the stove. For the record, vinegar also helps in removing strong smells from fridge walls.

kitchen cleaning

- Burnt food in the microwave - if you forgot to take out your popcorn in time, chances are that they will burn and the smell will haunt you for a while. To make the smell disperse faster, you can do the following: fill a bowl with one and a half cups of water, some chopped lemons and spice, preferably a fragrant type like cloves. Boil the water in the microwave and let it steam inside for 10-15 minutes. That should fix it.

oven cleaning

- Trash smells - leaving your trash for too long tends to create unpleasant smells, especially in summer. Effective cleaning is your best defence against foul smells, in case you have let one develop. Use soapy water to wash the can thorough - both the exterior and interior - and leave some fabric softener sheets to absorb any leftover smell.

rubbish removal

- Toilet - when you need a quick fix to a smelly toilet problem, you can pour a cup of white vinegar in the bowl and let it sit for 5 minutes. Scrub with the brush and flush for some cleaning and deodorising action.

bathroom cleaning

- Dirty mattress - the smell of a musty mattress is somewhat specific, and it is generally caused by bacteria that lurk in there. A good mattress cleaning will usually fix the problem right up.

mattress cleaning

- Smelly carpeting - carpets and rugs that don’t receive adequate carpet cleaning tend to develop not-so-pleasant smells. When you feel that the next time you are quickly walking over the carpet, you will know it is time to consider some cleaning. A good way to combine both cleaning and deodorising is to sprinkle your carpet with baking soda (an entire box will not be an overkill) and allow it to settle in the fibres. Let it sit for 30 minutes and vacuum it properly.

carpet steam clean

-    Basement - this is definitely not one room of your home where you want to spend a lot of time. But still that doesn’t mean you should allow it to smell badly. Activated charcoal makes a good tool against moisture, which is one of the causes of bad smells. Mould and mildew can also lead to problems, which are not only unpleasant, but dangerous as some types are toxic. To prevent that, acquire a dehumidifier for your basement.

removing mould from basement

Now you have a good idea on how to work against some of the unpleasant smells that you may encounter around your home. Always remember that good cleaning acts as good preventive measure in most cases.

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