How to Clean Your Flat Screen Monitor and TV 13 October 2015

Cleaning a Flat Screen

The days of the old ‘tube’ model television screens and monitors are long gone. These are so old, you may generally expect to see them nowhere else but in your grandparents’ home or in some old movies. Cleaning those was easy back in the days - you’d do it following the same rules you do as window cleaning and there would be no need to consider anything special.

Nowadays, when all TV screens and monitors are mostly LCD or high-definition flat-panel displays, cleaning rules have changed. The LCD and plasma screens of today are much more delicate than thick glass screens and thus require a more specialised approach. Since the design of these monitors feature flexible plastic, they are very sensitive, meaning that certain chemicals are out of the question. Scratching the surface of these devices may easily occur, if you are not using the right tools and technique when performing cleaning service. Here are some comprehensive tips for you to follow in order to better understand how to clean your flat screens without a problem: 

Cleaning Service

- Know when it is time to clean the screen - the quality of picture you are presented with by your LCD screen is often a question of how clean it is. Should your screen acquire a coating of dirt and dust, you can expect to see a reduction in brightness and a dull-looking picture. Dust particles literally block the light that is coming from inside the LCD panel, making pixels appear like they are dead. So whenever you see that your screen has accumulated too much dust, it is time for some cleaning service.

- Never press too hard at an LCD screen - breaking and cracking pixels is not unheard of. Generally touching the screen should be off-limits, and cleaning should occur only when it is needed. That will reduce the risk of actually hurting your screen in any way.

Cleaning Products

- Know what solutions to use - this is very important, just as it is important to know how and when to clean. There is a common solution that comes in the form of 50/50 mix of water and isopropyl alcohol that many people like to use at home. Other than that, there are many cleaning solutions out there that are specially designed for flat-screens. The truth about them is that they are mostly based on water, so you might as well spare yourself a trip to the store and just use the mix of water and alcohol.

- Water alone usually does a good job - normally water alone is great for cleaning LCD screens. It does a perfect job in taking care of dust and dirt, which is by far the most common problem. In case your children have been naughty and you see greasy fingerprints, you may add isopropyl alcohol to support your cleaning efforts.

Dust Wiping

- What to avoid - spray cleaners, such as those containing acetone, ethyl acid, ammonia and methyl chloride in particular should be avoided at all costs. They present a real threat and may result in discolored, melted or scratched screen. Additionally, avoid materials that can easily scratch the surface of your screen.

- So how to actually clean your LCD screen? - the first thing you have to do is turn off the screen before you begin your cleaning service. Get some soft cotton cloth, which is perfect for cleaning LCD screens. Thanks to it, you will be able to clean without scratching the surface. Next, proceed by spraying some of the cleaning solution on your cloth, or dip it into the liquid. Don’t use as much as to cause the cloth to drip. Apply the solution to the screen by gently stroking in one direction. Don’t push too hard, or else you may damage the pixels of the screen. Keep swiping clockwise or counter-clockwise to clean off particularly stubborn areas. Such cleaning service shouldn’t take you more than 5 minutes.

Monitor Cleaning

Cleaning a flat screen TV or monitor screen is not difficult. The devil is in the details - knowing what materials and solutions to use, what to avoid and how to perform the service in such a way to avoid damage to your screen. 

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