How To Deal With Those Emergency Cleaning Situations In Croydon 15 July 2015

An impromptu party, red wine spillage or pet related accident can all spell disaster in Croydon. Cream carpets can look great, but they tend to be a magnet for any dark liquids. Stains can appear in some of the most unusual places and are often made worse by our frantic attempts to remove them. There is of course nothing worse than any of this taking place in anyone else’s home. The most important thing to do in the face of a cleaning emergency is to stay calm and try to deal with things the best way.

- Spills and stains. Carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning and cleaning wood surfaces in Croydon, CR0 almost always involves tackling some sort of stain. When we think of a carpet emergency then the idea of red wine immediately comes to mind but almost anything on a lovely carpet can create a stain. A mix of baking soda and water, even vinegar can be great to lift a stain that has really stuck in there. Try leaving it on for a few moments before vacuuming up. There are many baking soda recipes for carpets available online and they are also environmentally friendly. However if things are really stuck on you may want to head down the chemical route to get more effective results. Tricks such as soda water, salt and dabbing the area can all help lift a recent spillage.

- An emergency mess. If a small gathering in your home in CR2 turned into something more like a festival, then the chances are you are going to need to do a clean-up fast. The best place to start is to pick up everything you can. You won’t be able to see the extent of the clean until you have removed everything that is removable. Bottles, rubbish anything lying around that shouldn’t be. The best thing is to go around with a few bin liners and get them filled. Separate bottles and cans, card and rubbish so they can be easily recycled afterwards. Once you have completed this then you can get down to a good clean. Go round with a bucket and sponge and clean everything. This will give you a good idea of what is going to need more work and more products, it will get the basics cleaned in the process. Have a good vacuum to get up any little bits, you will now be able to see more clearly what kind of cleaning needs to be done.

- Curtains and sofas. Sofa cleaning is easy if you have removable covers in CR0. Just like curtains you can soak them in the bath with a stain remover before reading the instructions on how to wash properly. If you find the covers do not remove then lift what you can with a brush and try dabbing with a stain remover. Sometimes natural products work the best and with a little time will slowly start to lift. Just try not to get frustrated and soak the area, or really scrub. You may be making the satin worse.

- Get in the big guns. Of course the best thing to do in a cleaning emergency is to call professional cleaners in Croydon. Getting a quote from a few different cleaning agencies will ensure you are getting the best price and if it is a specific task then the cost should be reasonable. Cleaning companies are usually used to dealing with all sorts of and probably know exactly what to do.

Accidents happen and it’s important not to get worried about the situation. Dealing with things calmly and searching for tips and advice can all help to get things back to normal again.

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