How To Hire An After Builders Cleaning Company In Catford 16 April 2015

Hiring a company to carry out your after builders cleaning is something that most people have resorted to, when the builders finish their work. Builders aren't always known to be the cleanest of the lot, leaving their dirty boots, used wallpaper and half empty bags of cement lying around on the floor. It becomes such a nightmare trying to clean up industrially based things that hiring a building cleaning company in Catford becomes necessary. You may not always have experience in how to hire a company based in the SE6 area; however, we have compiled a small list of very handy tips to help you get the best deals from your local cleaning company:

•    Ensure the fact that their tools and equipment are all licensed as well as in great condition. The best way to find this out is to call up the company and ask them what their charges are for cleaning. It won't always be cheap, however you need to find a company that is professional and reliable when it comes down to business.

•    When you solicit a quote from a cleaning agency in Catford, ensure that it is inclusive of VAT. The last thing that you want to encounter is a quote that does not include this and then you are forced to pay extra on top. Also endeavour that the quote is valid for 30 days, ensuring that if you cannot find anything more competitive, you can return to this and book them immediately.

•    Find out the cleaning contractor’s reviews and testimonials before you choose to go ahead and book with them. The reason for this is because there have been so many incidents where people have not done their due diligence and simply booked with a company that was either rogue or mismanaged and then totally messed everything up. It is wise to do your background research before you get any further into hiring a company in and around the SE26 region.

•    Always inquire how the cleaning company wishes to be paid. Some companies require that you pay them in advance and some companies wish to complete the services provided and then take payment. After building cleaning is usually ad-hoc and not on an ongoing basis, so having terms and conditions put forward is very important to secure both parties.

•    Establish a budget that you would like to pay this company. Most people simply ask for quotes from a company with no real direction as to what it is that they would like to pay themselves. A budget helps smoothen things out and makes it much easier to hire a better quality company without compromising yourself.

•    You need to ensure that the cleaning agency that you hire has both skill and experience to lift the heavy debris that builders may have left behind when renovating your kitchen or bathroom, for instance. You can often check and find this out by gauging their online presence and more specifically, their website.

•    Make sure that the company you are choosing to hire is all legitimate and qualified to be carrying out specific building cleaning services. These services are very different to normal office cleaning or house cleaning in the Catford area.

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