How To Keep Your Rugs in Waterloo Clean 03 June 2015

•    Clean exterior
Keep the parking areas and pathway leading to your house in Waterloo clean. More than 90% of the dirt on the carpets and rugs comes through dust collected on shoe soles. Although the rugs outside the house are sure to catch dust from your shoe soles, you can prevent the rugs in the living room from getting dirty by taking off your shoes at the entrance to your house.

•    Vacuum regularly
Daily vacuuming is vital to keeping the rugs in SE1 clean, especially in commercial establishments. If vacuuming every day is not an easy task for you, then give the rug a good shake. Vacuum high traffic areas in the house to prevent the rugs inside the house from collecting too much dust. Make this a weekly task by adding it to your routine house cleaning.

•    Don’t worry about the brand
Only make sure that the vacuum is in good operating condition, the brand does not matter. Ensure you have these in working condition – belts, beater bar, agitator brushes, vacuum bags and filters. Maintain the equipment well and it will last you for a long time. Read the manual well to know which attachments work best with rugs and carpets.

•    Machine wash
If the rug is machine washable it is best to give it a quick wash in the washing machine. Make sure that you dust it well before you put it in for wash. Dusting it will help remove any loose dirt. After all, you don’t want your washing machine to face any technical issues because of excess soil collection. However, do read the label first to find out whether the rug in Waterloo, SW1 is machine washable.

•    Clean as per type of rug
You need to know the type of rug you own in your SE1 property. Different materials require different cleaning methods. For instance, a coir rug can be easily shaken clean while a cloth rug can be put in the washing machine. Oriental rugs may require expert cleaning guidance. Most rugs will have a label mentioning the fabric type and the suggested cleaning methods.

•    Place the rugs right
It is best to place water absorbent rugs inside the house in Waterloo and coir textured or similar rugs outside the door.

•    Spot clean the rugs
If you happen to spill anything onto the rug, it is best to clean it immediately for effective stain removal. Blot the stain and then use mild detergent and water to clean it. If it is machine washable then give it a wash. However, don’t delay cleaning the rug as it will get tough to remove the stain. The simple rule is to blot, clean and then blot again. In case of accidental spills, where you are worried about damage to the rug, don’t panic. Most cleaning agencies will be available to clean your rug for you even at short notice.

•    Call the specialists
If you feel that you are not adequately skilled to clean the rugs, then it is best to call in the specialists. Most domestic cleaning companies will be able to provide you with adequate rug cleaning services. If your rug is expensive then seeking help from a cleaning company will help prevent any damage to the material. Most rug cleaners will do a colourfast test and then give the rug an eco-shampoo bath, followed by a rinsing process.

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