How To Remove Stains From Your Rugs! 21 January 2015

Rugs are a great way to style and decorate your home by introducing designs and colours. They’re also a fantastic way to keep your carpets clean, but over time, your rugs can become stained and dirty. If you’re sick of battling with tough stains on the rugs in your home then have a look at the following stain removal method, suitable for any type of rug!
1)    Getting the right materials.
Start by ensuring you have the right supplies for the job. For this particular method of rug-stain removal, you’re going to need a carpet brush, an old towel, table salt and a stain removing agent of your choice. Make sure the solution you’ve chosen is suitable for the fibres of your carpet, and always test any new products out on an inconspicuous area of your rugs to ensure it won’t cause any unwanted damage.
2)    Pre-treatment.
Pre-treatment sprays and products for your rugs can be expensive, but did you know you can easily create your own at home? Simply cover your rug stain with table salt! The salt works to remove moisture from your rug, and will also help to lift the colour of the stain. Leave the salt for an hour or so before moving onto the next step.
3)    Stain removal sprays.
It’s now time to use your chosen stain removing product. This is going to be much easier if you have a spray bottle, as you’ll have more control over the amount of liquid used. If your product doesn’t come in a spray version then it’s worth pouring some of the mixture into a spare one, so that you can easily use it without overuse! Spray the salt-and-stain combination on your carpet liberally, so that the entire marked area is covered. Leave to sit for a few minutes so the product can do its work!
4)    Brushing your rug.
Once the mixture of salt and cleaning agent have had some time to work you can begin to lift the stain. Take your carpet brush and gently brush at the stain using circular motions. As the liquid cleaning agent and the salt move around, use your old towel to blot at the stain – this will slowly lift the liquid and the stain simultaneously. For the best results, don’t rush this step! Work slowly, with gentle brushing motions to lift the stain with care and ease.
5)    Allow the area to dry.
Once you’ve absorbed as much of the liquid as possible with your towel, you can now leave the rug to dry. It’s a good idea to hang up your rug outside, as the natural U.V rays of the sun can have a lightening effect on fibres and fabrics. If your rug is a dark colour then be careful doing this, as you could end up with an obvious light patch! For darker rugs, allow them to dry naturally inside your home.
6)    Hiring professional cleaners.
If you’re worried about your rugs then you can always hire a cleaning company to help you. There are lots of people that choose cleaning contractors and cleaning services to help them with stain removal, and you’re sure to be able to find affordable cleaning agencies in your area. Have a look in your town to see what rug cleaning services can be offered to you!

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