Moving House To Islington - Cleaning Advice 21 November 2014

The mess that arises after a house move to Islington or during the moving process can be hard to deal with. With so many things to take care of, cleaning is probably the last thing on your mind, however one that you really need to address to make the transition into your new home go as smoothly and efficiently as possible.  So use our top hints and tips and get yourself and your family settled into your new clean and tidy home sooner rather than later.

•    When unpacking, you tend to just chuck foam, boxes and bits of tape over your shoulder in the eagerness to position your belongings around your house in Islington, N1. If this is the case, your house will soon be cluttered up with packing materials. Once you’ve finished unpacking, go from room to room with a few bin bags disposing of anything that you don’t need. Bend and fold any old boxes into a smaller area to make them easier to handle, or put them in your recycling bin if you have one.

•    When bringing in boxes and furniture to your new house, they will also transfer a lot of dirt and dust into your house. Don’t tackle this straight away; it's best that you get unpacked first, put all your furniture where you want it to be and then handle the cleaning jobs.  Domestic cleaning can be an arduous task, but if done correctly, it needn’t be a hassle. Get rid any big bits of waste first then get out your vacuum and begin vacuuming all of your floors and carpets.  However be prepared to do this later on to, once you have given all of your rooms a deep clean.

•    Toilets, bathrooms and the kitchen shouldn’t be in a mess if you’ve just moved in and definitely shouldn’t have any tough stains and limescale. But it’s best just to give these areas the once over anyway; use some warm soapy water and give every surface a quick scrub, or use some bleach to clean the toilet and bathroom sinks.

•    Cleaning walls may seem like a pointless activity, especially if they appear to be clean and in good order. However, although there may not be any obvious stains or marks, walls do gather a lot of dust and dirt which may have been overlooked by the previous residents. Taking care of walls requires very little elbow grease and can be done by anyone. Just dampen a soft towel with some warm water and gently wipe down the walls from top to bottom; don’t be tempted to rub too hard as this may cause some scuffs and damages to the walls which will cost you more to repair.  Wipe walls from top to bottom, and you’ll be amazed at the amount of dirt that you see on your cloth when finished.

•    Clean the inside of cabinets and wardrobes around your house in the N1 district. These places are notorious for attracting dust and cobwebs in the corners so get the situation sorted before you put anything into them.  If you have wooden cabinets, buy wood cleaners or use some mild soap. Once cleaned, give them a good polish to make them look brand new.

•    Check the ceilings; light fittings rarely get noticed but many do harbour a lot of dead insects and dust so it’s well worth giving them a clean. Make sure the power if off before giving them a wipe with some warm water.

•    If short of time, call a cleaning company with a range of cleaning services available in Islington and let their professional cleaners take care of all the cleaning jobs so you don’t have to.

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