Student Cleaning Tips To Apply In Finchley! 26 September 2014

If you’re a student then you’ve probably got enough of a packed-schedule as it is, but your home should always be clean and tidy. Finding the time, energy and will-power to clean your home in Finchley when you’re a student can be tough, but here are some quick and easy cleaning tips to help you to get the sanitary home that you deserve!

1)    Cleaning your kitchen.
If you don’t have a clean kitchen then it can be difficult to cook and entertain friends, so it’s especially important for you to take the time to clean your kitchen in Finchley, N12. If you live in shared accommodation then it might be worth making a cleaning rota so that jobs get shared out equally between you and your roommates! You might also want to consider creating a cleaning fund so that the cost of cleaning products is shared between you as well. Always try to clean up cooking-mess and spillages as they occur to prevent staining your countertops – you’ll have a lot less to clean up weekly if you do this! Make sure you always have scourers, an antibacterial cleaning spray and cleaning cloths in your cupboards so that you don’t have an excuse, and remember to sweep and mop your floors weekly too!

2)    Cleaning your bedroom.
If you live in a shared house then it’s easy to fall into the trap of eating in your bedroom, but this can lead to bad odours, crumbs and stains! Try to eat your meals in your kitchen or living room instead. Vacuum your bedroom regularly, and keep a duster handy to give your desk and shelves a quick wipe every so often. Keep dirty clothes off the floor and make sure that everything has its own place so that you’re not living in a cluttered environment – this will make finding lost coursework and missing highlighters a problem of the past as well!

3)    Cleaning your bathroom.
Cleaning the bathroom in your home in the N3 area doesn’t have to be a big or impossible job. Keep a drain-unblocker to hand for your shower or bath, regularly soak your shower curtain, remember to throw your bath mats into the washing machine every week or so and always have bleach ready to clean your toilet. It’s a good idea to wipe down your sides, sink, cistern and mirror weekly too, and you might want to invest in a good mop for your bathroom floor as well. Cleaning your bathroom can be really quick if you keep on top of the smaller jobs throughout the week, so make yourself a cleaning schedule too!

4)    Keeping your desk tidy.
Your desk is essential if you’re a student, and keeping it tidy is really simple! Invest in some desk-tidying storage solutions to keep your paperwork, pens, highlighters and paper clips in order, and ensure that your desk is only used for your University work! Find another place in your accommodation in Finchley to store clothes, make-up and other bits and bobs that might end up there, and you’ll be able to have the clutter-free work environment that you deserve!

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