The Pet Owner's Guide To Keeping A Clean Home in Shoreditch 30 March 2015

We love our pets, but very often our beloved furry friends can leave our homes in Shoreditch looking less than perfect. Whether you have a cat, dog, house rabbit or something a little more exotic, it’s very likely that your home is haunted by phantom odours, fur and stains.  But did you know that pets and pristine properties can go hand in hand? Simply by following a few of these easy to implement guidelines, you can share a clean, tidy, fresh and hygienic home with your four legged best friend. So read on for the perfect pet owner’s guide to keeping your house clean:

Keep fur under control
Perhaps the main cleanliness issue that plagues pet owners is animal fur getting onto carpets, floors, furnishings and clothes – but there are a few ways to keep shedding hair at bay. Vacuum your floor as regularly as possible; carpets are the main culprits for catching and storing pet hair, but give hardwood floors a good going over also. During house cleaning in in Shoreditch, E2, don’t forget to vacuum your upholstery, soft furnishings, underneath rugs and curtains as well as every nook and cranny of your floor to avoid the build-up of fur. You could also encourage your pets to lie and sit down on an old sheet or blanket whenever they rest. This will then collect a huge amount of the fur they shed, and you can easily shake it outside and clean it in the washing machine to keep your pet’s loose tresses at bay.

Eliminate odours
In order to keep your home fresh and clean, you should be vigilant about keeping on top of typical animal odours. A great way to avoid the typical dog aroma, for example, is to sprinkle baking soda into your carpet, allow it to settle into the carpet fibres for several hours and then vacuum. There are of course a huge number of delightful smelling air fresheners on the market, so stock up on your favourite scents and let them loose in your home. If you would prefer a method of air freshening that is cheaper and more environmentally friendly, then you could add your favourite fruit, spices or flavours to a pot of boiling water and allow it to simmer on the stove; the smell will fill your entire house and last for a long time.

Don’t let dirty paws into the house
A good way to avoid dirty paw prints throughout your home is to keep a shallow container of soapy water by the front door and give all four of your dog’s feet a quick dip when you bring it in from a walk. This will only take a few seconds to do, but could save you some serious muddy issues – especially is your pet is an intrepid explorer who comes home covered in dirt. If you have a cat, then the best solution is to buy a pack of pet wipes which you can find in any pet shop and give your feline’s feet a very quick rub when it comes back into the house. This will ease your house cleaning tasks too.

Keep your pets well groomed
Remember to keep your animals perfectly groomed to ensure your home in in Shoreditch stays clean. Your cleaning routine depends greatly on the type of pet you have; for example, a typical short haired dog only needs to be bathed once a month, and brushed a few times a week, but a fluffy, long haired cat won’t require bathing but will need to be thoroughly brushed every day. As well as grooming your pet, remember to wash their toys, blankets and baskets as well to ensure your whole home is fresh and sparkling clean.

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