Tips to Get your Cleaning Sorted after a Messy Event 19 February 2015

Parties, although fun and entertaining, can be a nightmare to clean up after. But follow our advice, and after party cleaning can be relatively straight forward, that is if you manage to get up after the events of the previous night.

1.    Get on it as quickly as possible.
In order to get your house clean after a party, it’s essential you get on the job as soon as you possibly can. This will ensure you notice any stains and spillages sooner rather than later and prevent them from setting in and becoming even more of a problem.

2.    Open all your windows and get some ventilation.
Help any nasty smells disappear quickly by opening all the windows in your house and ventilating your rooms. Getting some fresh air into your house will help to get rid of all those left over food smells; aid the process by getting some time and motion activated air fresheners, and placing them systematically around your house and the problem areas.

3.    After party house cleaning will be a lot easier if you get rid of all the junk first.
Walk around your rooms getting rid of any obvious waste left over from the party. Throwing away pizza boxes, drink cans and bits of tat will drastically minimise the amount of mess that’s around your house, making it easier when you get down to all the nitty gritty aspect of home cleaning later on.

4.    Your first line of attack should be using your vacuum cleaner.
Before you get vacuuming, make sure that you are aware of the uses of all the attachments that come with your vacuum cleaner. Nowadays vacuum cleaners can be used to clean almost any type of material, from upholstery fabric, to carpets, curtains and hard floors. Vacuum your floors from top to bottom, ensuring that you’re thorough in your approach to vacuuming, because you can never be sure what goes on during a party.

5.    Walk around your house and scope out any stains and spillages.
Depending on what the stain is and the type if material that has been stained, stain removal treatments vary, but after a party, it’s likely you’re going to have some type of food or drink stain marking your upholstery of carpets. Firstly, ensure you’re aware of the type of material that has been stained so that you can go the cleaning store and get the appropriate product. Most stain removal products come in the form of a cream or powder and may require you to make up a solution before applying to the area. In terms of general rules, never rub at the area. If the stain is still fresh, gently  dab or scrape at the area to remove as much of the stain as possible. Then blot at the affected area with your stain remover. If you can, it’s advisable for you to get a dry stain remover, which won’t pose any risk of causing the stain to spread and won’t take as long to dry. If you can’t get your hands on a stain remover, try out a simple detergent vinegar solution, but blot some of it out in the corner of your carpet first to see if it has any adverse effects on colour etc.

6.    Cleaning companies.
If the thought of cleaning up after your party is enough to reduce you to tears, call a cleaning company. Professional cleaners will know just what to do with every mark, stain and smell in your house so give them a call.

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