Top Tip for Cleaning Floor Tiles 16 December 2014

Tiled flooring is a popular choice of floor covering for many people; they are practical, easy to keep clean and ideal for a household with pets and children.

The trouble is with tiles as flooring, it seems to show up every trace of dirt and you cannot really avoid that. It will depend on the shade and texture of the tile as how badly the dirt will show; dark tiles may not show as much dirt as lighter ones but instead darker tiles usually tends to attract more dust instead. Also the texture of the tile makes the difference too, anything that has cracks, gaps or ridges tends to grab a build up of gunk over time and you may start to notice this as it appears black within the gaps.

Cleaning you tiled floor will undoubtedly make a huge difference to the look and appearance of your home, most people put tiles in rooms such as kitchens or bathrooms and offering those floors a good clean can really brighten up the look of the room, not to mention make it more hygienically friendly which is equally as important.
So, how should we be cleaning our floors at home?

Step 1; It’s a Clean Sweep!

Before you do anything else get rid of any loose dirt and debris as a sweep alone can make a remarkable difference to tiled flooring and will instantly offer it a fresher look.

You cannot clean a floor that is dusty and dirty and will only be moving all that dust and dirt around if your fail to offer is a clean sweep first of all!
Vacuuming is the best method for this on tiled floors because it will suck up everything even those hard to reach areas within the cracks and gaps.

Step 2; discover what tile you have and clean it accordingly!

Tiles come in all sorts of textures and materials and the cleaning method you use should be suitable for that particular type of tile.
Common types of tile are Natural Stone, Marble, Travertine and ceramic.

Other than ceramic tiles, which require no special detergent, ensure that you use the right detergent for any of the other types of tile.

Ceramic tiles can be cleaned with anything at all, it doesn’t really matter what you use which is why many people opt for this type of tile, just use what you would normally use on your ceramic wall tiles, anything  bleach or disinfectant based is good and will help to eliminate bacteria too.

Step 3; what cleaning solution should I use?

The common problem with tiles is dirty grout and dirty grout is not always easy to remove. To tackle this problem it’s better to use an alkaline product. Alkaline products are easily available at most retail stores and supermarkets. When using these products always follow the instructions on the bottle carefully and dilute the solution to the correct measures.

Once you have mixed the solutions allow it to stand for 5 minutes so that distributes evenly and the temperature of the water cools down slightly.

Extra tips!
•    Degreasing products will help to remove grease, even oven cleaner works.
•    Use soap scum remover for residue, lime-scale and mould
•    Gel cleaners tend to help with stubborn areas of dirt

Once you have cleaned your flooring you may notice the grout stands out even more, if the grout appears dirtier at this point (due to the floor being extra clean) you may wish to use some grout reviver to finish the floor off nicely, this will make a huge difference and almost make the floor appear brand new on some occasions.

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