Terms and Conditions

The rights, responsibilities and obligations of all parties involved in this agreement are stated below. These might be subjected to change without prior notice.

1.    Introduction

Please ensure that the details in the Terms and Conditions are accurate and complete to the best of your knowledge before agreeing to the contract.

2.    Bookings and Confirmation

2.1.    We request you to provide us with an accurate and correct description of your property at the time of booking. Cleaning Gutters may be required to change the quote or charge extra for any additional work that may be needed.
2.2.    Incomplete, inaccurate or incorrect information or instructions may result in cancellation of the order or incurrence of additional charge.
2.3.    Please ensure that your property is accessible. In case our cleaners cannot gain access to the property, a minimum charge of £50 will have to be incurred by you nevertheless.
2.4.    Credit and/or debit card details are needed to confirm a booking. Please note that payment by credit card incurs an additional charge of 2%.
2.5.    On confirmation of a booking, you will be allotted a time slot for performance of the service. Please note that the time slot is only an estimate and subject to other circumstances, including but not limited to traffic, bad weather or other events.
2.6.    Please ensure that parking arrangements are made. All parking fees or fines are deferred to the customer.

3.    Pricing and Payment

3.1.    Payment for our services can be made in cash or by card (over the telephone) at the beginning of the service. Please note we do not accept cheques.
3.2.    The quote is based on the minimum rate for all the services we will provide you.
(a) Carpet cleaning minimum of 48 GBP including VAT
(b) One Off Cleaning minimum of 128 GBP including VAT
3.3.    A congestion charge of £11.50 or any other amount if your property is outside the M25 can be charged additionally.

4.    Reschedule and Cancellation of Appointments

4.1.    Please note that a cancellation fee of £50 will apply on any cancellations made less than 24 hours before the job.
4.2.    If you want to reschedule the appointment and notify us less than 24 hours prior to the job, Cleaning Gutters may charge you £25 for it.

5.    Services

5.1.    Please ensure that warm water and adequate lighting is made available to our team at the property. Please note that we reserve the right to cancel the appointment if we feel that the health and wellbeing of the team is threatened.
5.2.    We may sub-contract any or all of the services without prior notice.
5.3.    At the end of the job, we request you (or a representative) to sign off the work as completed to your satisfaction. Your absence at the end of the cleaning job will be interpreted as acceptance of the service provided as satisfactory.

6.    Liability

6.1.    Cleaning Gutters does not take responsibility for the following:
(a)    Wear or discolouration of fabric made conspicuous post removal of dirt;
(b)    Any existing damage or spillage that cannot be removed completely;
(c)    Damage to wood floors due to the absence of protective pads on furniture legs;
(d)    Interruption of services because of third party interference resulting in an incomplete job;
(e)    Shrunken fabric during curtain steam cleaning.

As a responsible customer service provider, Cleaning Gutters tries to deal with all issues and complaints regarding our services promptly and effectively. However, we regret to inform you that we will not deal with complaints that are filed after 7 working days after the completion of the service.

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